What is Intelligent Worming and How Much Does It Cost?

We provide a consultancy and advice service and completely manage your worming programme for you. 
We know when to carry out faecal egg counts and, more importantly, how to interpret them.  We know which wormers to use and when to use, and also how to test to make sure the wormers are working. 
Every horse has a different level of worm egg laying activity so we write each worming programme individually for your horses, just as your farrier treats each horses feet differently.
The best bit is we operate an automatic home delivery service so you don't have to worry about remembering when to do it yourself.
We charge £2.45 per month per horse, for our services (and there are discounts for owners of 3 horses and more).  In addition to this you only pay for whatever product or faecal egg counts your horse really needs, and you can even buy your own wormers if you want to. 

Intelligent Worming guarantees not to waste any of your money on wormers you don't need to buy and faecal egg counts that are being done at the wrong time. 

We have over 3,000 customers who believe that we really do take the hassle out of worming.  Let us find out what level of eggs are being laid from your horse today, and make every penny you spend on worming or faecal egg counting really worthwhile. 

Please call us on 01267 223322, or register your horse details online and we can call you back.

NOTE:  We do not however diagnose parastic disease.  If you suspect that your equine is poorly or is showing any symptoms of parasitic disease then you should always contact your veterinary practitioner. 



Did you know that there is now resistance or reduced efficacy to all wormers in the UK?

The British Veterinary Association advises that all horse owners and yard owners take the approach that we have developed with Intelligent Worming, as this is now considered to be the most responsible method of worm control, with an ever increasing worm resistance issue.

Intelligent Worming is a proven process that determines:

1. What level of worm egg laying activity a horse has.

2. Whether there is any onging re infection from the pasture.

3. Which wormers are effective and for how long. 


It is very difficult to know what is going on inside your horse where worms are concerned.  You can't see it,  and when horses look 'wormy' the damage is too late.  Faecal egg counts are a good indicator but only if they are used correctly. 

With Intelligent Worming you will find out what is going on, and sometime why it is happening.  You will get answers to your questions, such as:

Does my horse need a wormer?

If he does which one does he need?

Do I need to do a faecal egg count?

If I do then when do I do it?

What do the results mean?

..........................  and many more from only £1.90 per month per horse. 

Worms can remain in their larval stage for up to two years, and we schedule the egg counts so that they detect worm development as it occurs.

Also as each horse has a different natural immune system they will all react to the same levels of worm larvae in the pasture in a different way.  This is another reason why worming all horses that graze together with the same wormer at the same time is no longer encouraged.  The wormer will stop working in each of them at a different time on a different day, and the owners have no idea when this occurs.  It also does not kill all of the larvae within the horse and worm activity will continue despite being wormed.

Intelligent Worming is not a magical solution to worm control.  It is a system that has been developed over the last 10 years with the UK's leading parasitologists as a solution to the worming problems that face horse owners in the UK today.

It is quite simply the most cost effective method of worm control available today.

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01267 223322.


E.P.L.Animalcare has been working with the leading veterinary parasitlogists to develop the Intelligent Worming service as a solution to the increasing complexity of worming equines, amidst growing worm resistance to chemical wormers.

There are over 7,000 horses that are now managed by Intelligent Worming, who benefit from having their worming needs continually assessed by their dedicated equine advisor.

Our company is committed to protecting horses from the growing danger of worm resistance by providing a convenient and cost effective service.

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In a nutshell, we assess how effectively your horses natural immune system works against the worm larvae in the pasture that the horse is grazing. 

You will have your own personal advisor who will complete a risk assessment process, by combining information you provide with the results from faecal egg counts.

We then recommend any chemical wormers that may be needed, and your advisor will explain and discuss these recommendations with you, for your approval.

Your horse will have its own personal 12 month plan, scheduling when further faecal egg counts, or wormers, are required, AND everything can be delivered automatically when it is due.

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Why Choose Intelligent Worming

So that you can have absolute confidence that your horse is as healthy on the inside as it looks on the outside.

Intelligent Worming is:
• Affordable
• Convenient
• Easy to Start
• Controllable by you

....... and most of all flexible enough to work for a single horse owner at a livery yard, to a 100 horse stud and everything in between.  We cater for all equines from shetlands to shires, foals to veterans and even have a special donkey plan.

International Event Rider Harry Meade recommends it, don't just take our word for it.



By becoming a member of Intelligent Worming you will have the benefit of all the latest developments and research for your horses.


Your horse will have different needs to its grazing companions, and when it changes pasture so can the worming needs.


Worm ‘symptoms, are only visible on the outside when there is already permanent, irreversible damage on the inside. 

Call 01267 223322 or email one of our advisors today to find out how we can combine ALL of the science, products and our extensive experience in an easy worming program for your equines.