Intelligent Rewards

Each time you recommend a friend you will get 3 Referral Reward Points, there are bonus point on offer too.† One point gives you £1.00 to spend with Intelligent Worming, you can use it to reduce the cost of your next worming programme, or you can donate it to charity or buy a gift voucher for your friend (when they join you would get points for that too!).

Last week one of our Customerís (letís call her Jane) recommended her friend who runs a livery yard of 24 horses. All 24 horses† joined, so once they reach their six month anniversary of enjoying the benefits of Intelligent Worming Jane will have £72.00 deducted from her next yearís worming programme for her two horses.† As Jane has been with Intelligent Worming for a number of years,† her horses are on reduced chemical programmes and have had clear egg counts for over two years, the credit will mean that one of Janeís horses will be free of charge. She is now ringing round all her other friends in the attempt to get more Reward Points so both her horses are free. Good luck Jane!

It really is a great scheme, have a look at the full details if you havenít already, terms and conditions do apply as with all great reward schemes.