Intelligent Rewards

At Intelligent Worming we really appreciate how enthusiastic our customers are, about Intelligent Worming, and value the support that you give us.  We want to say a big thank you for your continued custom and for the time that you have so often taken in informing your friends, colleagues or associates about the service we provide.  This can result in them picking up the phone and joining the ever increasing membership to a unique service that puts your equines first.

Intelligent Rewards, is our own Customer Loyalty Scheme that you are all eligible for and can start benefiting from immediately. We will give you the opportunity to earn Reward Points during the year that convert to a monetary value that you can use in a number of ways.  It doesn’t matter if your horses, ponies or donkeys have been with us for one week or ten years you can start earning Reward Points today.

So how can you collect Reward Points? Referral Reward Points – every time you recommend a friend/colleague to Intelligent Worming and they join their horse/s and stay with us for 6 months, you will get 3 Referral Reward Points per horse!

• How can you spend your Reward Points?
There are three ways to spend your Reward Points:

1 Reward Point = £1.00 discount off your programme at your next annual review, so if you have earned 50 Reward Points during the year, you will get £50.00 off your programme price. And you will have the Loyalty Reward Points to start you off for the following year.

1 Reward Point = £1.00 for an Intelligent Worming Gift Voucher, the minimum value of a voucher is £5.00 and can be bought in £1 increments thereafter. A perfect gift for your friends or relatives who are thinking about joining their horse to the Intelligent Worming Programme.

1 Reward Point = £1.00 donation to a registered Equine Charity who is a member of Intelligent Worming. The value will be deducted from their programme price and a letter sent to the Charity informing them of your generosity. Details about the charities can be provided on request.

1. Intelligent Rewards is open to all Customers of E.P.L.Animalcare Ltd (‘The Company’).
2. Reward Points cannot be exchanged for cash.
3. Rewards Points are not transferrable to another person or any other organisation or subsidiary of ‘The Company’ except at ‘The Company’s’ discretion.
4. ‘The Company’ reserves the right to withdraw from Intelligent Rewards at any time, reasonable notice will be given when possible.
5. Intelligent Rewards is the property of ‘The Company’ and ‘The Company’ reserve the right to alter the terms and conditions of Intelligent Rewards, reasonable notice will be given where possible.
6. Reward Points cannot be used to pay any outstanding debt, they can only be used at the annual review stage for discount on the following year’s programme.
7. Reward Points cannot be redeemed and will be considered null and void if there is any outstanding debt on an account.
8. Reward Points will not be awarded to Customers who are either on sponsorship programmes, ambassador schemes or any other discounted programme or scheme, unless this forms part of the terms and conditions of that particular scheme.
9. All Reward Points awarded are at the discretion of an E.P.L.Animalcare Ltd employee.
10. Bonus Reward Points will be awarded at the discretion of an E.P.L.Animalcare Ltd employee and that employee’s decision is final.
11. Loyalty Reward Points – the horse must remain on the programme for 6 months and all invoices paid after the annual review.
12. Referring friends/colleagues - the horse must remain on the programme for 6 months after joining and all invoices paid to be eligible for Referral Reward Points.
13. Redeemed Reward Points cannot be used again. Once a redemption request has been confirmed it cannot cancelled.
14. To be eligible for Referral Reward Points the new Customer must inform ‘The Company’ at the point of joining Intelligent Worming, who referred them. No Referral Reward Points can be rewarded thereafter.
15. ‘The Company’ will donate to a Charity which is registered with and using the Intelligent Worming services, the monetary value of the donated Reward Points will be deducted from their existing programme.
16. Redemption for gift items is subject to availability
17. Reward Points have no expiry date but can only be redeemed as set out in the terms and conditions of the scheme.
18. No points will be awarded for any activity prior to 1st January 2012 unless at ‘The Company’s’