Donkey Worming Program

Horse worming programmes don’t normally work on donkeys.

Intelligent Worming have developed a programme specifically designed for Donkeys. The programme ,based on worm egg counts instead of a blanket chemical strategy, deals with the problem that donkeys metabolise worming chemicals in a different way to horses,

 “Our experience shows that donkeys are more susceptible to infection, drugs are less effective, and resistance is developed more quickly in donkeys,” says Angela O Neill, a program controller with Intelligent Worming. “Using ‘Intelligent Worming’ based on a worm egg count programme we can provide donkeys with the best worm protection possible.”

Chemicals still have an important role to play but their use needs to be qualified with tests as part of a prescribed treatment. Controlling the use of wormers using ‘Intelligent Worming’ is the best way to protect against parasites including lungworm, tapeworm and redworm.

Recognising the problem the Donkey Sanctuary uses worm egg counts to control their worming programmes on 2500 donkeys and it is this strategy that is at the core of ‘Intelligent worming’.

To ensure that your donkey has the best worming protection possible register them for Intelligent Worming today.

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