Tapeworm warning

Due to the warm, mild winter we have experienced this year tapeworm may be more prevalent, therefore, we are advising you to be more vigilant. Outward symptoms do not always occur but when present these may include:

• Unexplained lethargy
• Poor condition
• Spasmodic colic, often reoccurring bouts
• Unexplained loose droppings

Intelligent Worming programmes include an annual tapeworm treatment on the advice of Professor Chris Proudman where the horse is deemed to be at low risk of infection, but we cannot prevent your horse contracting tapeworm. Tapeworms have a six month life cycle.  The wormer will treat  any tapeworms present at the time of treatment it is not a preventative .  If your horse is having an annual tapeworm treatment but you would like to discuss including a second treatment this year please call us on 01267 223322 or email info@intelligentworming.co.uk