SERIES 1 - All about worms and equine reproduction


Intelligent Worming are pleased to introduce the first of the “All About Series” – All about Worms and Equine Reproduction.

Series 1, which will run throughout March and April will cover all aspects associated with worms and equine reproduction. With a huge increase being reported relating to resistances of worms to chemicals in breeding stock, especially in youngstock,  this series has been designed to provide you with the facts, and to help dispel the myths surrounding this topic.

Week 1 – Why are broodmares different?
Week 2 – What should your pre-foaling worming plan be?
Week 3 – Why are foals different?
Week 4 – Ascarids
Week 5 – The Lactating Mare
Week 6 – Foal to 6 Months
Week 7 – What happens next?
Week 8 – Stallions

To subscribe to the “All About” series, click here, in promotion code type “All About”. Or for an assessment on your current worming program for your breeding stock click here, or call 01267 223322.