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· ...that tapeworm is on the increase due to the mild wet weather we have had this year.

· ...that ivermectin has a reduced effectiveness on roundworms in many foals and youngstock this year. If you have based your program on ivermectin it may not be working

· ...we have detected worm activity this year for our clients that would have been hidden and invisible without the proactive focus of Intelligent Worming

· ...there are over 5,000 horses, ponies and donkeys whose owners are subscribing to Intelligent Worming


Intelligent Worming implements the work of leading veterinary parasitologists to ensure that all programs are based on the most recent findings in equine parasitology.

 information on evidence based horse worm  control can be found at....

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How Intelligent Worming can work with your Veterinary Practitioner

Intelligent Worming cannot diagnose parastic disease, nor can it prevent your horse getting worms.  It is very important that if your horse looks unwell or you are at all concerned in any way that you contact your vet.  We can immediately provide a treatment record of faecal egg count results and wormers provided to support them in their diagnosis.

SQP Registration

Information on all SQP registered Animal Health Advisors are available form the VMD web site at  This link will also allow you to confirm the registration status of the online retail premises at Glien House Carmarthen SA31 3RB.

Product Information Database

Here you will find details of all veterinary medicinal products currently authorised in the UK together with a list of suspended and recently expired products. Homeopathic products and Specified Feed Additives are also listed. Link:

Complaints to the VMD

To make a complaint direct to the VMD  you can correspond by telephone, in writing, by e-mail, by fax or in person.They will investigate your complaint fully and make every effort to resolve it within 15 working days. If this is not possible they will send you a letter explaining why and letting you know when to expect a full response.


An adverse effect of a medicine is an expression which describes harm associated with a given medication. An animal adverse reaction is a harmful and unintended reaction which may be due to exposure to a veterinary medicine administered to an animal at its normal dose. A reaction may occur in an animal undergoing treatment or in an untreated animal in the same household as a treated animal. A human adverse reaction may occur in a person administering a medicine, or a person exposed to a recently treated animal.

How can I report an adverse event?

Adverse events should be reported on a Yellow Form. Advice on how to report an adverse event, including Yellow Forms, can be found on the VMD website