Foal Worming Programs

When you breed or buy a foal or young horse you are investing in a dream and in the future potential of that animal.  Everything is taken into account; imprinting, correct trimming, feed supplements but there is one nightmare that many forget and this omission can have a permanent impact on the development and future potential of the animal.

Foals are born with zero immunity to parasite infection and it can take up to three years for their natural immunity to reach its maximum.  During this time they are at a huge risk of permanent damage from internal worm burdens.

Standard chemical worming programmes do not provide adequate coverage for foals or young stock as they ALL assume a certain level of natural immunity.  If the animal does not have this level of immunity then it is left exposed to infection for all of its life before adulthood.  Some studs use cattle wormers instead of horse wormers and we have identified many foals that are host to huge numbers of worms as a result of these practises.  This is now becoming a factor for negotiation on price and possible devaluation of the foal. 

The protection of foals and youngstock from permanent parasite damage is not something that should be considered on a DIY basis and certainly most standard yard or chemical worming program will not keep your youngster safe from worms.

Intelligent Worming helps you keep your dreams alive and your nightmares at bay with our specialised foal and young-stock worming programme.  This is the only worming programme available that has been written specifically for animals with a low natural immunity, and also includes diagnostic tests to ensure that the programme is effective.

There are now many breeders who have identified the value of a healthy foal, inside as well as outside, and have already joined Intelligent Worming.  If you are considering purchasing a foal or young horse always ask whether it has been on an Intelligent Worming programme as this is a guarantee that you are not buying ‘000’s of worms as a special bonus in the purchase price.

However, if you have already purchased your youngster then we have specialised advisors who will be able to identify the parasite level and design a special worming programme just for you that will protect your new equine.

Safe guard the future potential of your youngster today and register for Intelligent Worming Programme today.

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