Intelligent Worming’s Stud Management Scheme is a comprehensive service that incorporates the complete management of your parasite control program.

Every equine is assessed individually within the global scheme, and receives the appropriate individual treatment program.  We maintain detailed records, so you don't have to, and all products are sent automatically when they are due.

Safeguard the health of your equines with the most convenient, cost effective parasite control solution available.  Call our advisors today on 01267 223322 and we can arrange for an intital consultation with a specialist in your area, or contact us with your details.

Every one who breeds from their mares wants to ensure that the foal has the best start in life and reaches its full potential, whilst preserving the financial investment and return.

Foals are born with no natural immunity and defence against worm infestation.  They need to be provided with chemical protection against parasites for the first two years of their life whilst their own immune system develops.  Standard horse worming programmes do not provide this protection and the majority of high worm burdens are seen in horses under 2 years old. 


The Stud Management Scheme incorporates: 

Young stock
Visiting Mares


There are many ways to increase the profitability of your business but using cattle wormers, or bulk buy white wormers are not the answer unfortunately.  These only lead to foals with worm burdens and possibly permanent worm damage.  Why take the risk, when there is another way?

Intelligent Worming sends a message to your clients that the stock you breed is special and worth spending that little bit extra for.

Register your interest today and one of our qualified advisors will contact you to discuss how Intelligent Worming count work for you, or to book a no obligation appointment with our Technical Director please email or call 01267 241136.

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