Why do I need IW?

Next time you are due to worm ask yourself this..............

1. Am I going to give my horse a medicine (wormer) for parasitic worms?
2. How do I know that my horse has worms?
3. How do I know that it is the right medicine (wormer) for the worms that my horse has?
4. How do I know the medicine (wormer) is working?
5. Would I take a medicine for a parasite I did not know I had?

IW makes sure you know the answers to these!

  • We use wormers as the medicine they are supposed to be
  • If worms are present we prescribe the appropriate medicine
  • If worms are not present we make sure your horse remains safe and protected
  • We are not a worm egg count company
  • The diagnosis of disease should be left to vets and qualified professionals, hence why IW uses the leading veterinary parasitologists at University of Liverpool
  • Vets support IW because it definitely decreases resistance

Take the guess work out of your worming program and sign up to IW today