Why is Intelligent Worming Different?

Intelligent Worming is the only complete worming solution available that meets manufacturers recommendations on all worming products and complies with the BVA guidelines.

Intelligent Worming carry out detailed risk assessments on each individual horse, looking at details such as age, previous worming history, grazing companions, pasture management and much more. Without such an accurate program cannot be designed specifically to meet the needs of every individual, and here lies the route of many problems which occur with ineffective worming programs. Without this assessment it is very difficult to correctly interpret faecal egg count results also.

In conjunction with the leading veterinary parasitologists at Liverpool University, Intelligent Worming have opened a new parasitology laboratory “ScientifEq”. The laboratory uses methodologies and the technology which have been proven for their accuracies in results. Unlike many commercial laboratories the staff are fully trained and experienced in analysing faecal egg counts, as well as other exploratory testing and most importantly the interpretation of the results.

Intelligent Worming designate a fully trained consultant to each customer to take them through the process of joining, program design, the program explanatory phase and the proactive monitoring and managing of each horse throughout their program.

A strategy is agreed before the detailed plan is put together, and this is a critical phase which is often missed.

Each horse has its own bespoke program to ensure that it is only prescribed chemicals that are required, but at the correct time or year and dosage. Also each program ensures that no horses are put at risk without chemical coverage, by incorporating faecal egg counts at the correct time of year and also understanding and interpreting the results of the faecal egg counts and explaining this to each owner.

Once a program has been confirmed with an owner and everything has been fully explained and understood, a full document copy (which is inclusive of the Horse Information, risk assessment, program strategy, treatment plan and payment plan) of each horse’s program is sent out.

The treatments (i.e. chemical wormers and/ or faecal egg counts) are then dispatched a week before they are due (to the requested delivery address) the owner then simply has to open the documents enclosed sticker on the front of the envelope and follow the instructions inside as to whom they are worming/ taking a sample from, the date and the dosage (if relevant), everything else is then done for them.

All of the above ensures that every animal on Intelligent Worming has a program which is 100% effective, which complies with the BVA guidelines, and is made simple for owners to follow.


How to get started on Intelligent Worming?

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