Riding Clubs

Intelligent Worming launched its partnership scheme with Riding Clubs in 2010. If you have a club who would be interested in the following benefits for your members, please contact Helen on 01267 223322 or email helen@epla.co.uk

Partnership Benefits

  • Complimentary faecal egg count for each member
  • Editorial for members/ clubs newsletters
  • Members will receive a free copy of the Intelligent Worming Newsletter
  • Consultants will be available for bookings to give a presentation at AGMs, club dinners, or other member events
  • Members will be entered in to a free monthly prize draw in the month that they register their details
  • ........................ and in return? Well all we ask for in return is that organisations distribute a flyer to each of your existing members and to any new ones who join, and put a reciprical link to the Intelligent Worming Website.  
    Vale of Aeron Riding Club