Single Stage Registration Process


Note for Frank:  This is the shopping cart whereby the customer will select the program they require.


The single stage registration process is very straight forward.  A one off fee covers everything for 12 months.

It is a fully comprehensive option that includes:

  • The registration and management of the Intelligent Worming program
  • The risk assessment process will be carried out by a qualified RSQP
  • A documented parasite control program
  • All diagnostic faecal egg counts carried out by the Diagnosteq veterinary parasitologists at Leahurst, the University of Liverpool
  • All chemical wormers required for 12 months
  • The ongoing review, assessment and management of the program
  • Automatic Home Delivery when chemical treatments or diagnostic tests are needed
  • A treatment record is maintained from the day you join the program
  • A certificate of worming which is valuable when selling a horse or foal 

 Horse - Over 600kg