Terms & Conditions


   How your Intelligent Worming Programme will operate

1. EPLA Ltd will guarantee these benefits that will be provided by an Intelligent Worming Programme.

a. To determine the level of the active adult activity of strongyle worms at a given point in time.
b. To determine the level of strongyle larvae in the grazing environment and whether each horses natural immune system can cope with the larvae without any chemical anthelmintic support.
c. To recommend the chemical compound that will be most effective, where any infection is identified.
d. To eliminate excessive and over worming where it has been determined from worm count results that parasite infestation is low.
e. To design an annual worming program that addresses the individual circumstances of each customer.
f. To minimise the development of parasite resistance to anthelmintic drugs.

2. As there is now resistance or reduced efficacy to all wormers, Intelligent Worming can identify where this is occurring and the extent of the reduction, however a solution to the problem may only be possible with improvements to pasture management, and may require involvement from your vet. 

3. EPLA Ltd does not guarantee to protect your horse from worm infection, due to the causes in clause 7.  It is a service that will provide information on how your horse copes with the parasite challenge in the pasture it is grazing and will provide support and advice on how to deal with the parasites.  If your horse is unwell, or you are at all concerned about its well being we recommend that you seek veterinary advice.  We do work closely with many veterinary practises and provide support services to them in parasitology knowledge, however this does not replace the visual aspect of being able to observe symptoms first hand.  This is especially relevant in terms of tapeworm, pinworm and the other worms that are not detected in faecal egg counts.

4. Due to the above EPLA Ltd cannot accept any responsibility for veterinary fees incurred as a result of a worm burden and will not accept any compensation claims caused as a result of worm infestation or damage.

5. Intelligent Worming is a long term ongoing parasite control process, with a number of phases.  

a. FACT FINDING The first two years are when we replace the initial program assumptions with facts. 

b. REDUCTION PHASE This is when the number of wormers and faecal egg counts are gradually and safely reduced.  This phase will take one to three years.

c. MAINTENANCE PHASE This final phase will be applicable for the remainder of the horses life whilst it remains in appropriate grazing conditions.

6. The worming programme will only work if the following has been accurately provided.  Any inaccuracies could result in the programme becoming ineffective.  EPLA Ltd cannot be responsible for any increase in worm burden following inaccurate information being provided:
a. The weight of the animal should be determined in kg’s with a weigh tape before every wormer, and rounded up by 50kg and then to next 50kg.
b. Any changes in pasture management, fields, grazing companions or any other relevant information should be immediately notified.
c. If a mare is sent to stud and put into foal then this must be notified.
d. All worm egg counts and wormers must be actioned on the date in the programme.  A tolerance of two weeks can be accommodated in this but only if we are notified of the actual date of treatment.
7. An annual worming program can be designed following the results of a worm count analysis, together with data on husbandry practises and pasture management.  The worming programme will be forward within 14 days of us having received all such information.

8. Worms are parasites that spend a proportion of their life cycle externally to the host animal.  Any worming program can only eliminate internal eggs, larvae and adult worms at any given point in time.  It can only be effective in complete elimination if it is combined with correct husbandry and pasture management practises.

The degree of external larvae populations will directly affect the effectiveness of the worming program.  This external population cannot be directly exterminated.  It cannot also be directly measured although its size can be inferred from comparing the trend in worm count results over a 12 – 24 month period.

Due to the above factors, outside of our control, EPLA Ltd cannot guarantee the effectiveness of the program on the elimination and control of the worm population.
EPLA Ltd can guarantee that the products and program recommended will contain the correct chemical compounds that are licensed for use against the parasites identified in the worm count results.

9. EPLA Ltd will endeavour to ship all products identified in the annual program seven days in advance of treatment.

10. Each Intelligent Worming Programme is specific to the customer it was designed for.  Title to the program remains permanently with EPLA Ltd.

11. In the event of the program information being communicated to and followed by a third party , EPLA Ltd accept no liability for any consequences to the third party.

12. The weight of a horse can alter by up to 200kg between grazing seasons.  Please use the weigh tape regularly to check seasonal weight changes.  This is critical to ensuring that the correct dosage is given.  Always round up to the nearest 50kg, when selecting the dosage on a syringe, never round down.   [eg.  If the tape shows a weight of 205kg set the syringe to 250kg]

13. Should any worms or larvae be visible in the dung after any treatments then please inform us as soon as possible.  Also if there are any adverse reactions following the wormer applications, such as diarrhoea, lethargy, lack of appetite or colic, please inform us.  Any liability for any adverse reaction following the application of a wormer remains with the manufacturer, and it is the customers responsibility to ensure that the wormer is given in accordance with the  product instructions.

14. The faecal egg count service does not detect worms in the dung.  We do however offer a free worm identification service, if you do see worms in the dung.  Please contact us and we will arrange for a pot to be sent so that the worm can be sent in isolation to any dung.

15. Should any positive readings be returned from the worm egg counts then the worming program will be amended and a short term targeted chemical treatment will commence for the equines that need it. There may be an additional charge in this instance.

16. It is quite normal for the worm egg counts results to increase initially once Intelligent Worming commences.  This is not a cause for concern but simply the normal working of the parasite reduction process.   However if you are at all concerned about the health of your horse then you do need to contact your vet.

Price of Intelligent Worming and Payment Conditions

These payment conditions are in addition to those contained in our standard terms of trading.

1) The quoted price is only valid if the equines are within the weight range that the programme was initially priced at.  Our standard quoted prices assume a maximum weight of 575kg.  If additional syringes are required when confirmation of actual weights are received then an additional invoice will be raised for any additional syringes needed.

2) Each programme prices is calculated specifically for the product that is included in it.  If medium to high worm egg count results are received and additional treatments are required then an additional invoice will be raised for any additional syringes needed.

3) In many programmes where there is spare paste in the syringe after the correct dose has been given this paste is utilised either for another horse on the programme or for a treatment later in the programme.  If you do not save this paste then the additional syringe will be charged in addition to the original quoted price.

4) The customers account balance must always be zero at the start of a new twelve-month agreement; otherwise our standard default terms will apply.

5) The program will automatically renew at the end of each 12 month period.  You will be advised of the new price 14 days before any payments are taken.

6) For all yard clients with account facilities a direct debit mandate will be required for payments to be taken on the 10th of the following month.  In the event of payments being returned EPLA retain the right to charge a £25.00 administration fee each time this occurs. 

7) A direct debit mandate will be required for all customers paying by instalments.  In the event of payments being returned EPLA retain the right to charge a £25.00 administration fee each time this occurs.

8) If your account is not kept up to date then the delivery of products and tests will be suspended.  This may affect the worming programme at a future date and any consequences of this will remain the customers responsibility.


1. The initial joining fee, or annual management fee, is not refundable, once committed to and the Intelligent Worming Programme designed.  If this fee is not paid in full at the commencement of the program, then this fee can be paid for in instalments, however should the program being cancelled during the 12 month period, all instalments become due and payable at that date. 
2. Either party giving the other three months notice can cancel this agreement, at any point.  The monthly subscription will cease after the three month period has expired.  The monthly subscription will continue automatically at the end of every year, unless the customer cancels their Intelligent Worming subscription.

3. The customer will receive four notifications that the program is due for its annual review. The first one will be six weeks prior to renewal.  Two of these will be by post and two by email.  The program will automatically continue on the annual review date if the customer does not contact us to cancel the agreement.  The annual management fee becomes due and payable at this point.

4. The Customer will have 7 days, following the notification of the new program, to cancel the agreement.  However, the management fee/ subscription element of the program will not be refundable.  All additional charges will be refunded in full.

5. The program documentation will contain a schedule of the treatment dates for the year.  Should the customer not receive any of these treatments then EPLA must be notified within four weeks of the treatment date and replacement items will be sent at no charge.  If EPLA are not notified within the four week period then we cannot claim compensation from Royal Mail for non delivery and so the products must be paid for by the customer.

Royal Mail will send a compensation claim form to the customer.  The customer must return this form to Royal Mail or the product must be paid for in full by the customer.

6. When an Intelligent Worming Programme is cancelled the credit value will be calculated using the following method:
A  Any joining fee, management or subscription fee is not refundable. 
B   All products sent out will be valued at the price they were priced into the program.
C   The difference between the initial programme invoice and the sum of A+B above will be the credit value
D   Any sums owed to EPLA Ltd will be payable within 10 working days, of the credit date.
E   Any refund due to the customer will be paid within 10 working days, of the credit date.

7. In order to be able to guarantee prices for a fixed period advance purchasing of product is required.  Any product that has been purchased for the Customer becomes the property of the customer in the event of cancellation or default.  This product will be despatched and invoiced to the customer and becomes immediately due and payable.  The costs of carriage are chargeable in this instance. 

8. In the event of cancellation by EPLA Ltd title to the worming program is transferred to the customer.

9. If cancellation is due to the death of an animal then EPLA Ltd will make every effort to minimise the effect of clause 3 above.   The program can be immediately cancelled and if the balance of the account is paid in full within ten working days then no penalties will apply.

Additional Information

We include an annual treatment for tapeworm as a precaution against any infection contracted in the previous months.  We cannot prevent a horse subsequently becoming infected with tapeworm.  There are usually visible outward symptoms in that the horses will look unwell and lethargic, and may have loose stools or colic.  If in doubt please call your vet for advice.  The life cycle of the tapeworm is 6 months and so an annual treatment in low risk horses is endorsed by Prof Chris Proudman from the University of Liverpool.

It is not possible to prevent a horse contracting pinworm although the wormers that we use are licensed for treatment against pinworm. In recent years these wormers have not been as effective as they used to be. Symptoms are very visible and include a sticky substance being deposited around the horses anal area, accompanied by severe irritation. Hygiene measures coupled with a specific treatment programme will be required if pinworm is contracted. If you suspect pinworm we can discuss what symptoms are associated with this parasite but only your vet can accurately diagnose pinworm for you if you suspect this.  We can however instigate a treatment programme once the diagnosis has been made.

The chemicals which have been prescribed in your programme have been done so based on the information provided for the horse documented above. Some chemical wormers state that they are not to be used in horses which are intended to go in to the human food chain and that passports must be signed accordingly. It is the owner’s responsibility to read the contraindications and warning leaflets prior to dosing of all chemicals prescribed by Intelligent Worming.

Intelligent Worming, as with any worming programme, cannot prevent your horse contracting worms.  Worm larvae can live in the pasture for up to two years and with roundworm, tapeworm and pinworm, can be contracted from stables, horse boxes, fences and hay.  Intelligent Worming will identify how your horse copes with the level of worms it is exposed to and identify any resistance or reduced efficacy of the worming chemicals that you are using.  Most importantly it will prevent or seriously delay the development of further resistance.  You will only be giving wormers that are needed and you will know that they are working.

We advise all owners to be vigilant and if their horse is looking unwell, for any reason, to contact their vet.  If you want advice on whether it could be a worm related issue then please do call us and we can always email your treatment record to your vet.

Intelligent Worming cannot be held responsible for any worm infection contracted due to the external aspects of the worm life cycle, and will not compensate financial loss.

Complaints Procedure

If you wish to make a complaint about the servicve or products that you have recieved 
please correspond by Telephone, by email or through our postal address.  Tel:01267 223322, email: admin@epla.co.uk Postal Address: Equine, Pets and Livestock Animalcare Ltd Glien House Cillefwr Industrial Estate Carmarthen SA31 3RB. All complaints will be investigated and aim to be resolved within 48 hours. If a full response is not possible within 48 hours we will let you know the timescales of a resolution to your complaint. The VMD complaints procedure and link is available on the Information Zone page.