Worming MOT

The Equine Advisors at Intelligent Worming have eight years of experience in writing parasite control programs.

This experience is available to every horse, pony or donkey owner in the Worming MOT Service.

Our experts will review your current worming program and assess whether or not it is appropriate for your equines.

Our customers agree that this service is invaluable in ensuring that their worming program is not only cost effective but complete and comprehensive.

  • Treatments for tapeworm, encysted worms and bots are all included at the right time of year to ensure maximum effectiveness.
  • The correct intervals are set between chemical wormers, to ensure that they remain effective but are not over prescribed.
  • The most appropriate worming strategy is selected, and this may be a reduced chemical program, incorporating faecal egg counts.
  • A detailed schedule is provided given the treatment dates and chemical required.
  • The schedule is priced and customers have the chance of benefiting from the fixed price scheme coupled with automatic home delivery.
    Order a MOT of your worming program today to ensure that your money is spent wisely on worming. For a free quote call us today on 01267 22 33 22 or email